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November 20, 2012
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InkBlackBlood ref 2012(non animated) by Incyray InkBlackBlood ref 2012(non animated) by Incyray

this one DOES NOT show the ink dripping from below her eyes!

why? i forgot it. :D


Name InkBlackBlood(or Ink for short)
Gender female
height 6 feet and 7 inches(6'07'')
Age Ink is immortal, and she never appears to grow old, so her age appears to be a constant adult and no further.
Species Ink is an Irken, red, and Artic fox hybrid. the red fox is the basis of her fur and weird anatomy and the artic fox is her feet and makes her fur tan instead of orange. in winter her fur turns white. the irken shows in her humaniod body and and the antenna.
Anatomical details Ink has two separate tails that she uses. Fan Tail, which is shown here, and Indoor Tail, which is a very long, thin red fox pattern tail with a thick white plume at the end. before this white plume there is a band of black.
she has two different set of wings that retract into her mid back, and both of them cause a small spray of her pen ink blood when they emerge. this is them:
Hook Wings these are the wings displayed here. they are called hook wings becuase the hook into the area of flesh between the clavical and scalpula, and cause a small amount of bleeding. they are 3 times her height when fully extended.
Soul Wings these are forged from her very soul and are a sort clock-work primary feathers only design. they look as if made of burning pink , red, or electric yellow light and are about 10 times her height when fully extended. they are mostly for show, however.
Ink's eyes are an extremly pale blue and have very thin slit pupils that are almost impossible to see. they reflect enough light to be used as flash lights when it's dark out.
Ink's blood is PEN INK instead of real blood. this ink blood is actaully fused with her soul, as well as her pen(not shown here). her pen is actaully filled with her very blood. anyone writing or drawing in that blood can make those words or images into reallity, though Ink is the only one who has control of what comes alive and what doesn't, and she definately doesn't just give out her blood to people.
she is often bleeding from the eyes, leaving black ink dripping from them that looks not unlike tears.
Ink is very close to Darkness and protects most things embodying it.
Ink is known to use her ability to control/govern dimensions and even the creatures themselves, dictating entire worlds at the drag of a pen.
Ink can shapeshift(though she doesn't do this allot) into any of my creatures or, most often, a fox, vulpix, or ninetales.
Ink has both curled antenna like an irken, and pointed ears like a fox. this makes her hearing about 3-4 times stronger than that of a human. her hands are exactly like an irken's and the fur on her torso is tinted green. her paws are ALWAYS white, and this white coloration contines up to a little below her knees. each paw has 4 toes while each hand has 2 fingers and 1 thumb(3 digits total).
Other Ink, being an immortal, lives in the same 'dream realm' that all my other immortal creatures and even the ones with Deity-type lives, such as Destroyer, live in. Ink, being about 45-55% irken, is thought of as being hinghly unstable by the other immortals and thus is kinda percicuited. escpecially by Zirus.
Ink has the ability to make anything she draws or writes about into reality and uses this to her advantage. she actually made herself immortal through use of this ability. the only way to kill her would be to bleed her(Ink's blood is fused with her soul so draining it would make her mortal), and braking her pen, which also holds part of her soul. however, ink actually wrote that she is like a Phenix, and thus would reincarnate from her previous body into that of another.

InkBlackBlood, Zirus, and Destroyer= me :iconincyray:
Pokemon, Vulpix, and Ninetales= nintendo
irkens= johnen v.
I really like this idea, and this creature is extremely creative. However, there were some parts of the drawing that confused me. What on Earth were those two black lines coming from her head to her shoulders? I kept staring at them, but the only thing I got was sunglasses cords, like the kind you see old librarians wear. While she is immortal, a)she doesn't wear glasses, and b)she may be actually very old, but she does not look old and wrinkly. Also, why do her wings appear to be clipped to that black triangle patch on her chest? Other than that, good drawing.
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