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Friztasia official map by Incyray Friztasia official map by Incyray
from my story 'The Darkrai Sword'-
The Darkrai Sword chap. 1---long, long ago, in the powerful region of the south-east, a heroic creature we once all hated went and tried to change the world in his favor. but when he was challenged by the imortal Vixen InkBlackBlood, lead at the time by the pokemon form of Destroyer, the creature took the challenge to the deathly Dark Crater in the dreaded Volcanic Regions. stupid this was, for a pokemon who grew up and was born in our great northern land of ice Friztasia. but when the mighty Vixen and powerful Destroyer reached the lowest part of the crater, they found the demon dying.
 and thus InkBlackBlood went against Destroyer and brought it back to her guild

here i will tell you everything about the Great Land Of Ice Friztasia.

Mt. Skyrage a dormant vocano at the coast edging the northern end of the Frosen Blade Moutain Range(the only mountain range there, by the way). it is said to have once errupted in the Begining Time Long Ago, spewing ashes and lava every where. it is said to have created a cloud of ash so vast it killed the woods at a southern cape, far from the volcano itself. it is also said that this erruption coated the floor of AshenTear lake, giving it it's name, and that the erruption killed the volcano and that is why it is dormant. ledgend says it will rise from the dead one day far in the future.
Death Tree and Grove of Stumps the Death Tree is an ancient, ragged tree with sprawling, claw or hand like branches and roots. it is said that when Mt. Skyrage errupted, this tree was petrified, and that the red-eyed white-pelted spirit of Death came to this tree and hollowed it to make a quicker pathway from the real world to it's world. ledgend has it that if one were to climb into this hole, they would fall and never stop until they died of old age.
arround the Death Tree is a grove of tree stumps, each said to harbor some essence of ill warning and death. they say that the First Friztaisians had cut them down, and that Mt.Skyrage errupted to punish them.
AshenTear Lake Friztaisia's largest lake. it's bottom is said to be coated with ash from when Mt.Skyrage errupted.
FrostBite Forrest a small forrest encraoching in by the FrozenBlade mountain Range. they say pokemon who enter here are petrified.
Mt. Dot(Dot Mountain) a hollow mountain with many holes in it formed by harsh errosion. it is unknown where this errosion came from, however. the largest hole is at the bottom, facing FrostBite forrest. the interior of the mountain has many chambers and strange impliments that seem to have been made by pokemon from some long forgotten time. Blitz and Korra live here.(see their refs at the bottom of this page)
Kayvoat Prision and Great Fences Friztasia actaully has no official government, and instead rules itself. it is bossed around by the authorities at Kayvoat Prision, however. the prision has an above ground area where victims and criminals are rather unfairly tried, and a HUGE underground prision complex. this complex has 8 levels, the higher the number the deeper, and the deeper the more volitile the prisioner. pokemon who kill millions or are Darkrai are kept in the 8th level. pokemon who merely stole something minor are kept on the first. the rest of the floors are everything inbetween. Darkrai captured by Kayvoat are kept in the 8th to the huge hate-by-fear issue in Friztasia.this is because Friztasia is basically one the most Darkrai-rich regions known, so they have a greater impact and are thus feared more. Kayvoat imprisions or even kills any Darkrai they find believing that it protects the region from harm.
Kayvoat Prision's location is ideal. the land-based perimeter is surrounded by a huge fence about 100 feet tall, made entirely from stone and wood. the mortar that holds it together is specific type of mortar that dries fast and is very hard to break. the fence is virtually inpentrable. the way in and out of the fence is by air. not even pokemon like dugtrio can manage to get through since the fecne even goes about 20 feet underground, and most pokemon will get cuaght before they can dig that deep.
on the open shore of Kayvoat prision, there are no docs. they would be useless. sprawling out from that area is an ocean full of jutting spikes. these spikes are actually the tips of mountains that start deep underwater. they are near impossible to navigate, making boats and water-types the least of their concerns.


Vayaira(vay-air-uh) Clan The Vayaira are a clan of pokemon that life in the depthes of a forrest bordering Friztasia's main tundra. they are noble warriors who stand for keeping things running smoothley. they way they are organized makes them work like clockwork, yet they are still rather flexible. they can make adjustaments quickly and are near fearless. their name is related to the Mystereekian(Mystereekia is one of my made up dimensions) name 'Inviira'(DO NOT steal this name!), meaning maleable(flexible; able to be shaped and molded. like playdogh) one.

Mishorii(mish-shore-ee) Clan the mishorii live in the forrest bordering AshenTear Lake. this forrest is sometimes nicknamed 'AshenWing Forrest' since it is so close to AshenTear Lake. the pokemon of Mishorii are masters of boats and water, and beleive strongly in the four elements; Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. they believ that each of the Clans has an element; Mishorii is Water, Vayaira is Air, Draco is Fire, and Kyairo is Earth. they have no sixth Clan to take the place of light, and Night Clan is such a mystery to them that they labled it Darkness.
the Mishorii are a little more laid back and accepting than the other three clans, excluding NightClan.

Draco(dray-coe) Clan Draco Clan is the feircest of the clans, and is said to work with Kayvoat occasionally. they have generally firey personalities and hate to accept things that are different from them.
they inhabbit Cape Claw(not labled), and have camps that are more like strong holds. the 'strongholds' are the usual idea of a clan camp, only with surrounding walls and a large number of warriors to protect the fortreses.

Kyairo(kai-air-oe) Clan the Kyairo liv in a secluded patch of sand dunes in the southern end of the Frozen Blade Mountain Range. they hve their unique ways and customs, and often find those of others rather confusing. they are trained into citizenchip, and must to climb moutains, cross dunes, control small groups, hunt, fight, and sail boats. they are rarely known to venture outside their little world, and find the realities of the rest of Friztasia bewildering.

Night Clan Night Clan is lead by a shiny Darkrai named NightRai, and are surrounded in mystery. to keep themselves safe from pursecution, they inhabit a region not even the pokemon of Kayvoat Prision would dare enter. the forrest they live in is ridiculously close to the Death Tree and it's Grove Of Stumps. few creatures are brave enough to even set foot in those woods, which protects NightRai and his followers from all being sluaghtered.
Yet, the clan itself is the most friendly and accepting of any of the five clans. their leader, NightRai, is a kind and fun-loving creature that has a strong will to protect the things he loves. though he's usually just an exciting fluff ball who would gladly let a non-suspicious pokemon enter his camp grounds, he can be an amzing leader and has few real fears. is disaster were to ever strike Night Clan, he would get everyone to safety and fix everything in just days.
the pokemon of his clan don't suffer from Nightmares thanks to NightRai gianormous hoard of stolen lunar wings.

<<<<Vilages are not important guys. they are bascically all the same>>>>

The Castle Of PeakEdge will NOT be explained as it is a major part of the story.

Darkrai, Dugtrio, and pokemon belong to nintendo.
all specific characters and names not listed in the above line belong to me and are my creations. you have absolutely NO permission to steal them or use them as your own chars.

refs for chars important to Friztasia and The Darkrai Sword:

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